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  Infusion Studio® is a comprehensive software solution that provides support for physician, pharmacy, nursing, and nutritional support staff involved in provider ordering, pharmacy review and approval, and ingredient list creation.



Supports multidisciplinary nutritional support team processes by providing user-specific features and feedback for dosing, approval, and fulfillment of Parenteral Nutrition (PN)

Clinician: Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) with full Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS).

Pharmacist: Workflow management, review of virtual order with full CDSS, one-click e-approval of order.

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)


Concise, stepwise data entry screens are used to enforce dosing at the point of order entry to resolve conflicts prior to order submission, resulting in a much faster and safer process for prescribers. Subsequent orders can be initialized with values from a previous PN order, permitting prescribers to make only necessary daily adjustments, further reducing data entry time and transcription errors.

Multidisciplinary users can enter, review, and/or approve orders simultaneously from any computer on the hospital network. Support for co-signing PN orders is available for training institutions. Each Infusion Studio order is digitally signed. Order documentation includes a complete audit trail of every PN order and its approval.

Intuitive order format focused on patient’s physiologic needs

Order entry format mirrors best practice process for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals caring for PN dependent patients with dosing recommendations and A.S.P.E.N.-compliant labels.

Full support for development of specialized protocols to meet the nutritional need of unique patient populations, such as Short Bowel Syndrome, renal disease, Burn Unit patients, Home Care patients, etc.

Intuitive, Pharmacist focused order review and approval process

E-review process enables pharmacists to quickly and easily review orders for protocol adherence.

Authorized pharmacists can adjust or override dosing limits in order to resolve occasional conflicts caused by unusual clinical situations. 

Significant improvement in patient safety is accomplished by enforcement of dosing limits per institutional protocols.

Provides granular quality control to the pharmacist during order review and approval.

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)

Process integration of standardized recommendations and guidelines, supplemented by availability of laboratory results at point of order entry, permit best practice PN ordering for every patient, every day. 

Interactive user feedback and derived nutritional data provided during the order process facilitates and improves progress toward nutritional goals and optimizes patient outcomes.

Dose limit enforcement and standardization of the PN order, review and approval process enables routine production of safe and cost-effective solutions customized to meet individual patient needs.

Total Fluid and Electrolyte Management

PN fluid management in the context of supporting total daily fluid goal for pediatric patients takes into account all sources of intravascular fluids including enteral formula volumes for patients in transition from parenteral to enteral feeding.

Infusion Studio provides user feedback on fluid and electrolyte contributions from non-nutritional fluid and enteral sources, preventing fluid and electrolyte overload of critically ill patients and possible adverse consequences.

Additive Support and Customization

Supports all standard electrolytes and supplemental additives with the option to float either Acetate or Chloride.

Customization of dosing units to institutional conventions and patient population.

Individual additives can be displayed or hidden per institutional needs and preferences.

Enables providers to customize PN to optimally address changing medical status and metabolic needs of every patient, every day.

Configurable Safety Limits

Ability to create customized PN order templates for use with specific age groups or medical conditions.

Can support customizable protocols to address the unique physiology of specific disease states.

Pharmacist-controlled override process reserved for unique medical circumstances requiring dosing outside of hard limits.

Calcium Phosphate Precipitation Risk Assessment and Support

Allows pharmacists to evaluate Ca-PO4 solubility of every order using published amino acid-specific precipitation curves.

Compounding Support

Infusion Studio can create an ingredient list from an approved order, which can be made available for manual on-site compounding, for use by an on-site compounding device, or that can be sent to a third-party compounding facility.

Comprehensive Label Management

Creates the following labels for every part of the PN fulfillment process:

  • Fat Emulsion Label

  • PN Content Label

  • PN Ingredient List

  • PN Summary/Nutritional Progress Note

  • Perfected Order


Integration of patient Admission/Discharge/Transfer status with the hospital information system saves time and eliminates errors in medical record-keeping.

Nutrition-sensitive serum chemistries from the hospital information system can be displayed as seven-day trends. Context-sensitive blood chemistry values are displayed at the point of order entry to improve patient safety and optimize PN ordering.

Nutritional progress note, digitally-signed CPOE order, and nutrition summary for each order can be transmitted for viewing in the hospital information system.

Plus many other features
  • Customizable nutritional support protocols

  • Weight-based dosing for neonatal and pediatric patients

  • Electrolyte-based dosing as ions for infants and children (optional for adults)

  • Co-signed orders

  • Consult notification

  • Complete user management

  • Customizable protocol reference guidelines

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